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Popcorn Time rival adds music into the mix
IFPI gives 2015 to Adele
Free money all round, say Warner and Sony on Spotify IPO payouts
Kesha v Dr Luke: Two of the producer's lawsuits are dismissed
Tomorrowland operators
GEMA suffers another knockback in ongoing YouTube litigation
Government taskforce proposals could reduce mega-damages in US copyright cases
New York Attorney General to publish ticket touting report, promises crackdown
Creative industries generating £9.6 million an hour for British economy
Video coming to Spotify this week
Live365 to close because of SoundExchange rate changes
Life Or Death staff quit to form new company
Life Or Death CEO Heathcliff Berru resigns over sexual harassment
The Eagles' Glenn Frey dies
SFX confirms new financing as consultants consider its future
The love/hate relationship continues as PRS renews its deal with YouTube
Universal finally agrees SoundCloud licensing deal
Rightscorp settles class action over its phone calls to suspected pirates
SoundCloud confirms debt financing, as Universal deal seemingly gets closer
Tributes flood in as David Bowie dies
SFX appoints restructuring experts, bankruptcy options now on the agenda
iHeartRadio to expand into Canada via Bell Media alliance
2015 was a good year for UK music. And not just Adele. Though mainly Adele.
It's 2015's UK best sellers
SoundCloud and PRS reach licensing agreement, legal action off
SFX bondholders want a Live Nation acquisition for Christmas
BMG awarded $25 million in potentially landmark case on US safe harbours
Pandora happier than SoundExchange following mixed bag CRB royalty rate ruling
Pandora signs direct deal with Warner/Chappell
Radio 1 Head Of Music George Ergatoudis to join Spotify


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  • Popcorn Time rival adds music into the mix
  • StubHub plots move into primary ticketing
  • Hellfest has public grant pulled after refusal to drop Phil Anselmo
  • Beyonce also turned down a Coldplay collaboration