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Australian three-strikes put on hold as government denies plans to cut copyright term
David Lowery and Melissa Ferrick's Spotify lawsuits combined
Massive growth but increased losses at Spotify - when will it go into profit?
Adele's rumoured Sony deal could be worth £90 million
BPI announces big increases for UK music market in 2015, lays into YouTube for ruining everything
MegaUpload data potentially lost as aging hard drives fail, say lawyers
Universal files new appeal in vKontakte litigation
Kesha's lawyers seek to re-open Californian case against Dr Luke
Facebook in talks with labels over limited music licences
Swedish appeals court says Pirate Bay domains should be seized
Songkick denied preliminary injunction in Ticketmaster lawsuit
Irving Azoff lays into YouTube's key arguments in ongoing safe harbours battle
SoundCloud Go launches in UK and Ireland
EC's safe harbours report leaks as YouTube music chief hits back
Ticket brokers pay over $2.7 million in fines in New York over tout bots
Judge strips back Led Zep plagiarism trial
MP seeks to get gig flare ban into Policing And Crime Act
Questions remain over the circumstances surrounding Prince's death
Prince dies
Prince dies

22 April 2016

Warner and the indies set to object to Sony taking complete control of Sony/ATV
David Lowery's lawyers demand access to correspondence about Spotify's mechanical settlement
Help Musicians UK and Vice join CMU to put the spotlight on mental health in the music community at The Great Escape
Drive Like Jehu's ATP festival cancelled
UK vinyl sales double year-on-year to similarly small amount
Federal court asks New York court: so, is there a performing right or not?
Record industry returns to growth, but would rather talk about the value gap
Kesha suffers further set back in Dr Luke litigation
MCPS seeks pitches to run its operations, could end long-term alliance with PRS
Kesha claims she could be free of Dr Luke contract if she drops rape allegations
US industry rallies as safe harbours review deadline arrives