Setlist, the music business podcast from CMU, sponsored by 7digital. CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the week in music and the music business.

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Setlist: Cloudflare, Grime, Radiohead
Setlist: Takedown-stay-down, Spotify, pop politics
Setlist: Enemies of music, Stats, Zappa
CMU Podcast: Music sales, mental health in music, and the Mercury Prize
CMU Podcast: Spotify mechanicals, BBC pay, BBC music show
CMU Podcast: Fake artists! Fake t-shirts! Fake radio!
CMU Podcast: Kanye v Tidal, AEG v MSG, Everyone Else v Ed Sheeran
CMU Podcast: Google, Prince, Charts
CMU Podcast: Apple Music, The Slants, Morrissey
CMU Podcast: Pandora, Merlin, Bob Dylan
CMU Podcast: Spotify, Safe Harbours, Theresa May
CMU Podcast: The General Election, Prince, Festival Republic
CMU Podcast: YouTube, Amazon, Fyre Festival
CMU Podcast: Fyre Festival, Eminem, The Great Escape
CMU Podcast: Record industry growth, Digital Economy Act
CMU Podcast: BPI stats, Dailymotion, Kate Bush
CMU Podcast: Spotify, US Radio, Google
CMU Podcast: Viagogo, Spinrilla, Talking To The Media
CMU Podcast: SXSW, Pandora, Deadmau5
CMU Podcast: The Great Escape, Access v Ownership, Ed Sheeran
CMU Podcast: SoundCloud, Transparency, Spinal Tap
CMU Podcast: Transparency, Spinrilla, PRS
CMU Podcast: HMV, Enemies Of Music, Facebook
CMU Podcast: Tidal, Piracy, Madonna
CMU Podcast: Paul McCartney, Donald Trump, videos on Facebook
CMU Podcast: Prince, TeamRock, rebooting copyrights
CMU Podcast: Review Of The Music Business Year 2016
CMU Podcast: SoundCloud, Sony Music, Gig licensing
CMU Podcast: YouTube, SFX, Irving Azoff
CMU Podcast: Sound Of 2017, AI in music, Kate Bush