Setlist, the music business podcast from CMU, sponsored by 7digital. CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the week in music and the music business.

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Setlist: Cliff Richard, ICE, Ed Sheeran
Setlist: Copyright Directive, Childish Gambino, Rage Against The Machine
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The evolution of NME
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The collapse of HMV
Setlist: Copyright, Touts, Prince
Setlist: Spotify, SGAE, Ryan Adams
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The rise and fall of Grooveshark
Setlist: Viagogo, Apple Music, Michael Jackson
Setlist: EMI, Spotify, Nine Inch Nails
Setlist: 20 years of CMU - The end of EMI
Setlist: Tidal, RIAA, Dr Dre
Setlist: Spotify, Canada, Kanye
Setlist: Viagogo, IFPI, royal vinyl
Setlist: Festival plastic, Hits Radio, Mariah Carey
Setlist: MMA, Spotify, BPI
Setlist: Blurred Lines, The Loop, Guvera
Setlist: Lyor Cohen, iHeartMedia, Miley Cyrus
Setlist: NME, Spotify, Viagogo
Setlist: BRITs, Amazon, Toni Basil
Setlist: Ticketing, SGAE, Prince
Setlist: Best Buy, Apple, Spice Girls
Setlist: Education, Grammys, Biggest Weekend
Setlist: Enrique Iglesias, Little Mix, The Smiths
Setlist: Songkick, Notorious markets, Nando’s
Setlist: Lana Del Rey, American Idol, Jimmy Iovine
Setlist: Spotify, Universal, UK music consumption stats
Setlist: Review Of The Music Business Year 2017 - Part Two
Setlist: Review Of The Music Business Year 2017 - Part One
Setlist: Shazam, Spotify, Touts
Setlist: YouTube, YouTube, and YouTube