CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review the week in music and the music business in the weekly CMU Podcast sponsored by 7digital

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CMU Podcast: The Value Gap, ATP, Guvera, Take That
CMU Podcast: Led Zeppelin, Apple Music, Foo Fighters, Brexit
CMU Podcast: Ed Sheeran, The Pirate Bay, WIN, Axl Rose
CMU Podcast: Guvera, Kraftwerk, Ellie Goulding
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CMU Podcast: Sony/ATV, ATP, YouTube, Kanye West
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CMU Podcast: SoundCloud, Tidal, BPI, Kanye West
CMU Podcast: RIAA, Songkick, Spotify, Justin Bieber
CMU Podcast: Convergence Sessions Special
CMU Podcast: Mechanicals, Record Shops, SoundCloud, 50 Cent
CMU Podcast: ATP, Red Essential, Tidal, Boyzlife
CMU Podcast: Kesha, Piracy, Attitude Is Everything, Eurovision
CMU Podcast: Spotify, Bandpage, In-car listening, Morrissey
CMU Podcast: Spotify, Bloc, SoundCloud, Martin Shkreli
CMU Podcast: SFX, RIAA, PRS/PPL, Rita Ora
CMU Podcast: Spotify, T In The Park, Cür Music, B.o.B
CMU Podcast: YouTube, Life Or Death, Deezer, J-Pop
CMU Podcast: David Bowie, SoundCloud, Spotify, Live Nation
CMU Podcast: Review of 2015
CMU Podcast: Spotify, European copyright review, Agent Of Change, Wu Tang Clan
CMU Podcast: New Order, Web-blocks, Elastic Artists, Sound Of 2016
CMU Podcast: Adele, Cox Communications, Paul Weller, Dancing Jesus
CMU Podcast: Rdio, Spotify, Secondary ticketing, Zayn Malik
CMU Podcast: Victory Records, Apple Music, Sony/ATV, Busted
CMU Podcast: Pandora, MegaUpload, Measuring Music, Justin Bieber
CMU Podcast: Deezer, Radiohead, Get It Right, Adele
CMU Podcast: YouTube Red, Victory Records, Venues Day, Mercury Prize
CMU Podcast: Dissecting The Digital Dollar, Aurous, Donald Trump, Kanye West