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House Of Representatives passes the Music Modernization Act
French culture minister proposes web-block list in new anti-piracy push
CMA indicates court action against Viagogo planned
Spinal Tap relaunch Fairness Rocks as creator rights campaign platform
EC launches wider investigation into Apple's Shazam acquisition
Prince's family sue over hospital treatment in days before star's death
Madonna loses legal battle over old pants
Setlist: Festival plastic, Hits Radio, Mariah Carey
No charges over Prince death, as investigation closed
Russell Simmons requests dismissal of rape lawsuit
R Kelly accused of intentionally infecting woman with STD
Mariah Carey's ex-manager plotting
Record industry's MegaUpload litigation postponed yet again
Collage's Uptown Funk song-theft litigation dismissed
Setlist: MMA, Spotify, BPI
Music industry urges EU to not water down safe harbour reform
House Of Representatives judiciary committee green lights Music Modernization Act
Former Drake manager sentenced to jail over unpaid taxes
All-new Music Modernization Act glues together American music proposals
Music publishers win Wolfgang's Vault copyright action
Lawsuit over Christina Grimmie murder allowed to proceed
Most net firms back web-blocking in Canada, though there are some detractors
Law firm looking into anti-competitive conduct claims against Live Nation
Record industry's copyright battle with American ISP allowed to continue
The Commodores sue ex-Commodore over The Commodores trademark
Tulisa wins 10% of publishing in Britney and hit
Jenner sisters settle photographer litigation over controversial t-shirts
Viagogo fined a million euros in Italy
Warner and Live Nation top the gender pay gap list in music
PRS's new live music tariff delayed by direct licensing discussions