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SFX gets access to its bankruptcy loan
CMU Podcast: SFX, RIAA, PRS/PPL, Rita Ora
Kesha v Dr Luke: Two of the producer's lawsuits are dismissed
Coachella not impressed with Hoodchella
Appeals court upholds ruling in Courtney Love tweet-libel case
Roc Nation responds to Rita Ora litigation, though settlement possibly pending
GEMA suffers another knockback in ongoing YouTube litigation
Government taskforce proposals could reduce mega-damages in US copyright cases
New York Attorney General to publish ticket touting report, promises crackdown
CMU's One Liners: Jay-Z, British Summer Time, Syco, more
SFX settles with its other alleged founders
Live365 to close because of SoundExchange rate changes
Intellectual Property Office opens consultation on geo-blocking
New report weighs up the 'good' and 'bad' conclusions on file-sharing
Kesha fans to stage protest outside next court hearing in Dr Luke lawsuit
CMU Podcast: YouTube, Life Or Death, Deezer, J-Pop
South African authorities charge Mos Def with attempting to travel on
J-pop 'no dating' clauses ruled unconstitutional
European AG says private copy compensation doesn't have to come from device levy
Kickass hit by DDoS as latest Pirate Bay domain is blocked
Metallica license logo to tribute act for $1, waive fee
Warner sues after Avenged Sevenfold use 'seven year rule' to bail on record contract
CMU Beef Of The Week #289: Metallica v Not Metallica
CMU Podcast: David Bowie, SoundCloud, Spotify, Live Nation
Swedish prosecutor drops case against key Pirate Bay suspect due to lack of police resource
Rightscorp settles class action over its phone calls to suspected pirates
More sites blocked in the UK as FA secures injunction
Spotify faces second multi-million mechanical royalties lawsuit
The Pirate Bay shifts again to an alternative domain
CMU's One Liners: 50 Cent, George Harrison, The Offspring, more


  • CMU Podcast: SFX, RIAA, PRS/PPL, Rita Ora
  • Free money all round, say Warner and Sony on Spotify IPO payouts
  • SFX gets access to its bankruptcy loan
  • Phil Anselmo offers to quit Down, following racism row
  • CMU Beef Of The Week #292: Tidal v Universal