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Route 91 Harvest hotel sues shooting victims to avoid liability
Woman charged over Selena Gomez email hack
Setlist: Copyright Directive, Childish Gambino, Rage Against The Machine
Sony has another go at keeping Dr Luke investigation details secret
Royal Albert Hall admits to an
US appeals court declines to reconsider controversial Blurred Lines judgement
FBI declassifies 2011 Juggalos gang report
Glassnote comments on Childish Gambino royalties dispute
Russell Simmons faces new accusation of rape
UK government says it is
Rage Against The Machine issue cease and desist over Nigel Farage's podcast
Cardi B's ex-manager responds to lawsuit over
Gene Simmons settles sexual misconduct lawsuit with journalist
Glassnote sues Childish Gambino in SoundExchange royalties dispute
Cardi B sues former manager who tried to enforce contacts 
Music industry comments on copyright directive ruling 
Rick Ross can't bail on cancelled gig case because his business associates negotiated deal
German court says Usenet provider liable for its users' copyright infringement 
Sony/ATV seeks dismissal of latest case over Beatles concert documentary 
European Parliament votes down Copyright Directive, meaning further safe harbour debate in September
MegaUpload founder can be extradited to the US, says NZ appeals court
Piracy level downs among younger consumers, reckons IPO stats pack 
UK ticket touting bots ban comes into effect 
Paul McCartney joins music industry in last big push ahead of copyright vote
Ghost Ship managers plead guilty over deadly fire 
Two Fyre Festival ticket-buyers win $5 million in damages 
Ozzy Osbourne hits back at AEG over venue bookings lawsuit
Eminem publishers say NZ$600,000 damages over New Zealand political ad should be higher
Global publishers now reportedly pulling rights from controversial Spanish society SGAE
Sony Music must tell Kesha who it interviewed in Dr Luke investigation