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Setlist: CISAC stats, Ryanair, UnitedMasters
Beef Of The Week #381: Brian May v Barbara
Law firm plotting class action over Guvera financing
Austrian Supreme Court backs web-blocking
Brian May got a takedown notice and he's not happy
Prince estate accuses Tidal of fabricating a contract
Gaslamp Killer sues over rape claims
Man found guilty of Mangle E8 acid attack
Emails in Songkick case see Live Nation dissing Team Adele
London police drop controversial form 696
American web-blocking injunction unlikely to result in any web-blocking
Music publishers call on Canada to extend its copyright terms
Media lawyers routinely attack free speech by misrepresenting the law, reckons Setlist podcast
Setlist: Taylor Swift, Thekla, Tidal
Officials raided StubHub and Viagogo in ticket tout investigation
Canadian super-tout pops up in Paradise Papers
Russian government proposing super speedy web-blocks
Beyonce involved in Poisonous trademark battle
Taylor Swift criticised over blog post cease-and-desist
Katy Perry's attempted convent purchase is back in court
Scientific copyright case brings web-blocking to the USA
Crystal Castles' Ethan Kath sues Alice Glass over abuse claims
Overrated reckons it's being underpaid in Baby Come Back royalties dispute
US court knocks back Canada's global injunction over IP infringement
There were Jedward japes galore when merch dispute got to Ireland's high court
Google fights landmark Canadian anti-piracy ruling in US court
Kim Dotcom settles with NZ police over heavy-handed house raid
Prince heirs request axing of bank administrating his estate
Travis Scott sued over balcony fall at New York gig
Copyright owners pursue the most claims through the High Court