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Jury sides with Led Zeppelin in 'Stairway To Heaven' song-theft case
Austrian court overturns web-block injunctions
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Closing arguments presented in Led Zeppelin song-theft case
Cameras banned from court hearings to identify Prince's heirs
Peter Sunde to sue labels for defamation over most recent Pirate Bay ruling
Rita Ora gives evidence in trial of alleged burglar
Robert Plant takes to the stand in Led Zeppelin song theft case
Russian man pleads guilty to running StubHub hack attack
Michael Jackson estate condemns claims that singer stockpiled pornography
IAO letter to European Commission on the value gap
Rapper accused over shooting at TI concert avoids murder charge
Industry execs appointed to manage Prince legacy
The Pirate Bay's Swedish domain dispute to go to Supreme Court
Appeals court says safe harbours do apply to pre-1972 recordings in US
Cliff Richard to face no charges over accusations of sexual assault
Finnish court orders Pirate Bay founder to pay damages to labels
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Now the Competition & Markets Authority opens a secondary ticketing review
Jimmy Page takes to the stand in Led Zeppelin song theft case
US ISP goes to court for another clarification on safe harbours
ViceVersa settle name dispute with Vice
Led Zeppelin plagiarism case gets underway
Foo Fighters sue insurers over cancelled shows
Final legal wranglings shouldn't stop 'Stairway To Heaven' song theft case getting underway
Terra Firma bails on its EMI dispute with Citigroup
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Citigroup lawyer says Guy Hands recollection of his EMI purchase
Matt Cardle distances himself from Ed Sheeran plagiarism case
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