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Beatles company win in copyright battle of Shea Stadium concert footage
Madonna wins damages over MailOnline story about her adopted daughters
WSTRN's Akelle Charles sentenced to four years in prison
Quincy Jones wins $9.4 million in royalties battle with Michael Jackson estate
Lawyer working for Fyre Festival founder steps down over unpaid bills
Quincy Jones takes to the stand in Michael Jackson royalties dispute 
CMU Podcast: Spotify mechanicals, BBC pay, BBC music show
Proposed new law aims to fix America's pre-1972 copyright quirk 
Madonna halts auction of her hair, pants and celebrity love letters
Spotify faces two new mega-bucks lawsuits over US mechanicals
Tensions reportedly increase between Spotify and the US music publishers
Travis Scott accuses former management of violating California's Talent Agencies Act
Quincy Jones v Michael Jackson Productions: Pitbull on Bad! Whose idea was that?
CMU Podcast: Fake artists! Fake t-shirts! Fake radio!
Judgement reveals inside story of Guvera's failed acquisition of Blinkbox Music
Universal's $30million+ recordings deal with Prince estate axed
Judge accepts most of Frank Ocean's affirmative defences in $14.5 million libel dispute with his dad
Belgian privacy regulator to investigate police screening of Tomorrowland ticket buyers
Judge admonishes Jackson Estate's
Music industry welcomes EU committee votes on safe harbour reform
Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson estate arrive in court in royalties dispute
Yandex turns off track-sharing tool on its music platform, for now
Investors try to bankrupt Fyre Festival company
Tom Watson urges Labour MEPs to back safe harbour reform
Gwen Stefani sued for encouraging fans to rush forward at gig 
Jenner reps say Tupac t-shirt was legit, hit back at photographer lawsuit
UK Music calls on British government to back safe harbour reform in Europe
BMG rejects Cox Communications' First Amendment argument
Jenner sisters sued over Tupac t-shirt
Stream-ripping now