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Kanye West settles with insurers over cancelled Saint Pablo Tour
Warner sues smart TV company Future Today
Government extends rules for ticket resellers, publishes guidelines for the touts
Vice Media faces class action lawsuit over gender pay gap
Nelly sexual assault accusations under investigation by Essex Police
Taylor Swift gets song-theft action dismissed
Songwriters Guild Of America backs amended Music Modernization Act
Setlist: Best Buy, Apple, Spice Girls
US Copyright Royalty Board ignored the market when setting webcasting rates, says SoundExchange
Jean-Michel Jarre leads call for European Parliament to
A court may have overturned BMG's safe harbour win, but RIAA reckons the ruling helps its own ISP litigation
European Commission to investigate Apple's Shazam acquisition
Cloudflare terminates Sci-Hub's account following piracy ruling
Damon Albarn's Africa Express responds to accusation of exploiting artists
Man arrested over plot to kidnap Lana Del Rey
Wiz Khalifa accused of rap-theft
Beatles file $100 million lawsuit against unofficial merch sellers
Appeals court overturns BMG's safe harbour win, despite strengthening its case
Kanye West and Solange Knowles sued over sample
Lawsuit against activists who called on Lorde to cancel Israel show dismissed as
Suge Knight lawyer returns to legal team following arrest
Trends: Top three music business trends in January
Music industry urges new EU presidency to support safe harbour reform
Prince estate claims legal win over unauthorised EP release
Judge dismisses song-theft case against U2's The Fly
Content Creators Coalition urges Congress to investigate YouTube's 'non-disparagement agreements' with artists
We Shall Overcome is public domain in the US after copyright case settled
Scottish live industry calls on Scottish government to adopt agent of change
Music industry welcomes US mechanical royalty ruling
BMI and ASCAP persuade broadcasters to back Music Modernization Act