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Google says safe harbours are brilliant
ITV loses High Court appeal against PRS For Music rate ruling
T Bone Burnett leads music industry's submissions to latest safe harbour review in US
Major Swedish ISP says it won't web-block without a court order
Electronic music festivals return to Buenos Aires, after ban lifted
The exclusive rights of PROs to license questioned in Spanish direct licensing case
MegaUpload extradition order stands, says court, though Kim Dotcom claims victory
UK search engines sign up to anti-piracy code
Another setback in Flo & Eddie's legal battle for royalties on pre-1972 tracks
Songkick accuses Ticketmaster of hacking in updated Live Nation lawsuit
Net firm Cox ordered to pay $8 million more to BMG
New emails surface in Kesha v Dr Luke case
Judge dismisses rapper's penis cut defamation lawsuit
musicFIRST calls for US federal law to apply to all sound recordings
Swedish net firms hit out at
Swedish appeals court green lights web-block against The Pirate Bay
ISPs start to send out educational emails to file-sharers
Russian collecting society begins to uncover extent of fraud in its system
Search engines may sign up to voluntary anti-piracy code this summer
Beyonce sued over Formation samples
CMU Podcast: Transparency, Spinrilla, PRS
European Advocate General says web-blocking is just fine
US songwriters seek to stop dismissal of their 100% licensing lawsuit
Spinal Tap co-creators join Harry Shearer's $400 million Vivendi lawsuit
Dr Luke says it's Kesha who owes him royalties, claims $1.3 million due
More web-blocks could be incoming in Ireland
Government agrees
Duran Duran given all clear to appeal reversion right ruling
Kylie and Kylie seemingly settle Kylie trademark dispute
Major labels sue mixtape sharing app