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Approved: Smolalienbaby
Approved: Smolalienbaby14 November 2018

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Approved: HXXS13 November 2018

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Approved: Gola12 November 2018

CMU Digest 12.11.18: Spotify, Google, CISAC, IP Rights Distribution Fund, AIF
Vigsy's Club Tip: Familia Sixth Birthday at Egg
Beef Of The Week #429: Musicians v Donald Trump (Mid-term special)
Approved: Ben Crosland
Approved: Ben Crosland8 November 2018

Approved: Kai Whiston
Approved: Kai Whiston7 November 2018

Approved: Orla Gartland
Approved: Shungudzo
Approved: Shungudzo5 November 2018

CMU Digest 05.11.18: Viagogo, YouTube, Sony, UK Music, SoundCloud
Beef Of The Week #428: 'Avril Lavigne' v Avril Lavigne
Vigsy's Club Tip: Marcus Intalex Music Foundation launch at The White Hotel
Approved: Yama Warashi
Approved: Yama Warashi1 November 2018

Approved: Beast
Approved: Beast31 October 2018

Approved: Unloved
Approved: Unloved30 October 2018

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Approved: Missy29 October 2018

CMU Digest 29.10.18: YouTube, Bestival, BBC, Spotify, IPO
Beef Of The Week #427: Richard Ashcroft v Breakfast TV etiquette
Vigsy's Club Tip: Drumcode Halloween 2018
Approved: Kills Birds
Approved: Kills Birds25 October 2018

Approved: Gaye Su Akyol
Approved: Desire
Approved: Desire23 October 2018

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Approved: KO22 October 2018

CMU Trends Guide To Music Marketing
CMU Digest 22.10.18: Distrokid, American Law Institute, IMPALA, Soundtrack Your Brand, ERA
Beef Of The Week #426: Michael Buble v Retirement
Vigsy's Club Tip: The Hydra at Printworks
Approved: Memoryhook
Approved: Memoryhook18 October 2018

Approved: Sofie Winterson