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Approved: Warmduscher
Approved: Warmduscher16 January 2018

Approved: Made In Paris
Beef Of The Week #386: Radiohead v Lana Del Rey
Vigsy's Club Tip: Spearhead Presents at Egg London
Trends: Five contenders for music’s enemy number one – update!
CMU Digest 12.01.18: Agent of change, Facebook, Music Modernization Act, Lana Del Rey, 19 Recordings
Approved: Park Jiha
Approved: Park Jiha11 January 2018

Approved: Raindear
Approved: Raindear10 January 2018

Approved: Shirt
Approved: Shirt9 January 2018

Approved: Kosmo Kat
Approved: Kosmo Kat8 January 2018

CMU Digest 05.01.18: Wixen, Spotify, 2017 stats, IMPEL, France Télévisions
Trends: Top five music lawsuits to watch in 2018
Insights Blogs: Top Ten CMU Insights 2017
Approved: Favourite Artists Of 2017
Approved: Playlist Of 2017
Beef Of The Week #385: Beefs Of The Year 2017
Approved 2017: St Vincent
Vigsy's Festive Tips
Vigsy's Festive Tips22 December 2017

Trends: Online music piracy - past, present and future
CMU Digest 22.12.17: Universal, Stop2018, agent of change, BMI, Rolling Stone
Approved 2017: Kelela
Approved 2017: Kelela21 December 2017

Approved 2017: Jhene Aiko
Approved 2017: Kelly Lee Owens
Approved 2017: Lorde
Approved 2017: Lorde18 December 2017

Vigsy's Club Tip: Cirque Du Soul Christmas Special at Studio 338
CMU Digest 15.12.17: Spotify, National Trading Standards, Shazam, EC, YouTube
Approved: Ea Kaya
Approved: Ea Kaya14 December 2017

Approved: Qrion
Approved: Qrion13 December 2017

Approved: Anna Burch
Approved: Anna Burch12 December 2017

Approved: Afrikan Boy
Approved: Afrikan Boy11 December 2017