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Approved: Yungblud
Approved: Violet Skies
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CMU Digest 22.05.17: Guvera, Fyre Festival, MCPS, CMRA, Spotify, The Great Escape
Vigsy's Club Tip: Ninja Tune at The Great Escape
Beef Of The Week #355: 2017 Miley Cyrus v 2013 Miley Cyrus
Playlist: The Great Escape 2017
DIY Blog: CMU:DIY x Urban Development 05 – Getting A Gig
Approved: Boxed In - Pushing On
Approved: White Wine
Approved: Hanne Hukkelberg
CMU Digest 15.05.17: YouTube, Prince, Pandora, Fyre Festival, Amazon
Beef Of The Week #354: Deadmau5 v Calvin Harris
Vigsy's Club Tip: Peckham Rye Music Festival
Approved: Jun Kamoda
Approved: Jay Johnson
Approved: Femme En Fourrure
Approved: Tove Styrke
CMU Digest 08.05.17: Fyre Festival, Merlin, Prince, bots ban, Eminem
Beef Of The Week #353: Fyre Festival v Fyre Festival
Vigsy's Club Tips: Artefacts 001 and Egg Birthday Weekender
Approved: James Heather
Insights Blog: Speedy guide to CMU Insights @ The Great Escape
Approved: Archivist
Approved: Bigo & Twigetti - The Exquisite Corpse
CMU Digest 02.05.17: Digital Economy Act, IFPI stats, iHeartMedia, UK Music, IOW Festival
Trends: The latest record industry stats – three reasons for optimism, three reasons for gloom
Beef Of The Week #352: Aretha Franklin v Dionne Warwick
Vigsy's Club Tip: DJ Mag Sessions at Egg
Approved: Pom Poko
Approved: Pom Poko27 April 2017