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Approved: Sega Bodega
Approved: Luna Shadows
Approved: Katie Von Schleicher
CMU Digest 26.06.17: Apple Music, SGAE, dancing baby, Telsa, RIAA
Vigsy's Club Tip: Turbononstop at StereoBar, Montreal
Beef Of The Week #360: Nickelback v Slipknot
Approved: Esther Joy
Approved: Femme - Fire With Fire
DIY Blog: CMU:DIY x Urban Development 06 – Where Labels & Publishers Fit In
Approved: Ella Soto
Approved: Kommode
Approved: Kommode19 June 2017

CMU Digest 19.06.17: Spotify, Pirate Bay, Manchester Arena, Sony/ATV, TeamRock Radio
Vigsy's Club Tip: Mark de Clive Lowe at Kamio
Approved: Káryyn
Approved: Káryyn15 June 2017

Approved: Frightened Rabbit - Fields Of Wheat
Approved: Diamond Thug
Approved: Yoshimi
Approved: Yoshimi12 June 2017

CMU Digest 12.06.17: Pandora, Spotify, General Election, Sony Music, Apple
Vigsy's Club Tip: Indie Music Cup & After Party
Beef Of The Week #358: Haim v Dinosaurs
Approved: Vivienxo
Approved: Susanne Sundfør - Undercover
Approved: Violet Days
Approved: Dauwd
Approved: Dauwd5 June 2017

CMU Digest 05.06.17: Ariana Grande, The Orchard, Spotify, safe harbours, BMI
Trends: Making money from music media in the digital age
DIY Blog: CMU:DIY x Blueprint - The Business Of Music
Vigsy's Club Tip: Aphex Twin at Field Day
Beef Of The Week #357: A Gallagher v Harry Styles
Approved: AlaskaAlaska