Latest news about digital and direct-to-fan platforms

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Car maker Tesla considering launching its own streaming service
City Of London Police welcome sentencing in online piracy case
Justin Bieber NOT a Latin King
Now Apple is trying to cut the labels' share of the digital pie too
TuneIn sues Pandora over ad sales deal
Spotify testing sponsored tracks in user playlists
7digital finalises 24-7 acquisition
US Supreme Court declines to reconsider dancing baby case
Royalty Exchange raises $6.4 million in new investment
Kickass founder might voluntarily face copyright charges in US
Jay-Z announces Tidal exclusive new album
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Spotify tops 140 million users, as losses double in 2016
YouTuber Austin Jones bailed
US government asks Supreme Court to ignore Kim Dotcom's
EU court extends Pirate Bay copyright liabilities in web-block case
YouTube star charged for coercing teenage fans into sending explicit videos
Movie and TV industries launch global anti-piracy group
Propellerheads to pull ReBirth following legal claim from Roland
ASCAP signs new deal with YouTube
Cloudflare fails to have copyright case dismissed on jurisdiction grounds
Eventbrite confirms $200 million Ticketfly buy
Dutch Usenet provider ordered to reveal identify of copyright infringing user
STIM/Spotify invoice spat delays payment
Sirius to take stake in Pandora, but not buy it outright
Streaming continues to boom for indies, but not YouTube mind
Taylor Swift now streaming freely, Spotify to champion songwriters
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