Latest news about digital and direct-to-fan platforms

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Spotify considering move into hardware
RIAA follows BMG's lead, sues ISP for failing to stop repeat infringers
Playlist marketing must focus on artists not songs, says Believe's Georges Tremblay
iHeartMedia facing bankruptcy
Cost of entry to streaming market is stifling innovation, says digital consultant
Samsung makes Google Play Music default mobile music player
Pono is dead, long live Xstream (if it ever launches)
Merlin signs new Spotify licensing deal
Apple Music launches scheme for championing 'developing artists'
Prince estate seeks to stop unofficial EP release
Spotify updates artist analytics platform, launches Facebook Messenger extension
TuneCore to offer advances to US artists
Slacker Radio downsizes workforce
7digital acquires radio aggregating technology
CMU Podcast: BPI stats, Dailymotion, Kate Bush
US indies reveal the pain of DMCA takedowns
Chemical Brothers release virtual reality video
Kim Dotcom goes to US Supreme Court to fight his 'fugitive' status
Sirius hits out at labels and others for trying to intervene in Flo & Eddie settlement
Dailymotion to relaunch down-playing UGC
Gorillaz release 'mixed reality' app for global listening party
Guvera puts another subsidiary into administration
BMG boss says streaming boom will force labels to offer artists better royalties
Spotify exec Chris Bevington dies in Stockholm truck attack
Civil actions against MegaUpload postponed yet again
German court tells PayPal to reveal pirate's identity to Sony Music
ASCAP, SACEM and PRS collaborate on blockchain initiative
Jay-Z pulls catalogue from Spotify
CMU Podcast: Spotify, US Radio, Google
Spotify's IPO could be a non-IPO