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Trends: Making money from music media in the digital age
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Trends: Dancing babies, fair use and takedowns - Explaining Lenz v Universal
Trends: Deals, data and disputes - when copyrights are co-owned
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Trends: How do artists know if they’re getting a good deal from streaming? There are too many unknowns (A Free Read)
Trends: The big challenge of mid-price and free streams
Trends: Music rights and the European Copyright Directive (A Free Read)
Trends: Assessing the music industry in 2016 - is it saved yet?
Trends: Seeking alternative ways to stream - the SupaPass approach (A Free Read)
Trends: As FanFair launches, where next for the touting debate?
Trends: Working through the streaming stats – which matter?
Trends: A matter of consent - why American publishers are talking about collective licensing rules
Trends: The physical market in 2016 - who the hell is buying all these CDs?
Trends: Tracking digital dollars - the transparency problem
Trends: The music industry and YouTube (A Free Read)
Trends: Building a more skilled music industry
Trends: The music industry’s big copyright data problem
Trends: Why ‘making available’ is now on the European Commission’s copyright agenda
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Trends: The ads sector in focus - Five take-aways from Resilient Music’s research
Trends: Meet the supervisors (A Free Read)
Trends: Sync licensing - A beginner’s guide
Trends: The challenge of converting freemium - Five points from Music 4.5
Trends: Mastering a music city - Investing in music to boost city economies
Trends: Music’s new opinion formers - Driving sustained listening through playlists (A Free Read)
Trends: The cost of recorded music
Trends: Five things you should know about UK consumers
Trends: Tackling the Digital Pie Debate
Trends: What's the point of a record label anyway?
Trends: How to sell out gracefully - better brand partnerships
Trends: Music marketing is broken - let's fix it
Trends: Music licensing - explained at last! (A Free Read)
Trends: How the Consumer Rights Act will impact on secondary ticketing, or not
Trends: Why the music industry hopes to put safe harbours on the European agenda (A Free Read)
Trends: Can the music industry deliver a Tidal wave of exclusives?
Trends: Should green festivals shout about it more? (A Free Read)
Trends: Copyright terms, rebooting the copyrights of unpublished works and the 2039 Rule
Trends: Five things to take from the entertainment retailers’ new manifesto
Trends: The recorded music year just gone - market by market
Trends: Five music business trends to watch in 2015
Trends: Using music to boost tourism, and tourism to showcase music - Iceland Airwaves (A Free Read)
Trends: Game Changers - innovation, disruption and new music technology at M For Montreal
Trends: The emerging digital spectrum, and the challenge of freemium
Trends: Finally coming on stream -  digital developments in Japan
Trends: What is it about 1972? (A Free Read)
Trends: What one thing could the labels do to placate artists in 2014?
Trends: What one thing could Google do to placate the record labels in 2014?
Trends: As the GRD runs aground, what next?
Trends: How could we better communicate copyright?
Trends: The real revolution is direct-to-fan
Trends: How to stand out in such a crowded festival market?
Trends: Dan Le Sac on
Trends: Maximising music rights - an overview
Trends: Ticketing questions of both the  primary and secondary kind
Trends: The digital royalties debate
Trends: The Google dimension
Trends: How should we be pricing digital?
Trends: A recovering record industry?
Trends: Takedowns and web-blocks
Trends: Plenty of digital debates
Trends: Social considerations
Trends: Copyright changes
Trends: The growth and float of SFX
Trends: The HMV crash
Trends: The HMV crash15 January 2014

Trends: The end of EMI
Trends: The end of EMI15 January 2014