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Starbucks allies with Lady Gaga on kind fundraising drinks

By | Published on Tuesday 13 June 2017

Lady Gaga

Starbucks has announced an alliance with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation via which, the coffee-peddler says, it wants to spread the simple message “be kind”. Though if you want to be really kind, I’d rather have a Pret cappuccino myself.

Says Gaga herself: “We’re healthier and happier when we live our lives with compassion and our communities are stronger when we treat one another with generosity and respect. The Born This Way Foundation and I are so excited to partner with Starbucks to help inspire positivity and love through the Cups Of Kindness collection”.

Oh yes, the Cups Of Kindness collection. That’s four “vivid iced beverages hand-picked by Lady Gaga” that come in a variety of colours. Whenever anyone opts to buy a cup of kindness in the US or Canada through to 19 Jun, Starbucks will donate 25 cents to Gaga’s charity.

It will in turn use the money to fund programmes that “support youth wellness and empowerment by fostering kindness, improving mental health resources, and creating more positive environments”. So see, some good will come out of all this stupidity.

“Over the years we’ve admired the amazing work that Lady Gaga has led through the Born This Way Foundation”, says Starbucks’ music chief Holly Hinton. “We are proud to introduce the Cups Of Kindness collection to raise awareness and fund the Foundation’s efforts to spread kindness, support youth and make the world a better place”.

Gaga prefers the New Matcha Lemonade apparently, but you can also choose from the New Violet Drink, the Ombré Pink Drink or the Pink Drink. Assuming you are in North America. And you shop at Starbucks. And you’re kind.