Spotify launches playlist embed widget

By | Published on Thursday 12 April 2012


Spotify launched a new widget yesterday enabling bloggers and website owners to embed playlists set up on the streaming platform into their own sites, enabling readers of said blogs or web pages to listen to a curated selection of music via the host website.

Well, sort of – click on the playlist widget and it fires up the Spotify player and opens it up on the selected playlist (which a website can already do with a simple hyperlink, though the widget does present the playlist info in a pretty fashion and allows users to skip to a specific track when the player opens up).

Some other streaming services, We7 comes to mind, have let bloggers and website owners embed playlists for some time, and usually the music plays via the site itself not an external player, so this development isn’t particularly revolutionary, though it will probably encourage various media to start compiling playlists, pointing their readers in Spotify’s direction to listen to them, which will be great promotion for the streaming platform. And a number of media partners have confirmed they’ll be publishing playlists as part of the launch of the widget.

Says Spotify Chief Product Officer Gustav Söderström: “Today we’re giving every blogger and web editor the ability to light up the internet with music. Adding a personalised soundtrack to your website or blog has never been this easy. You want to give your fans access to any song, album or playlist of your choosing and in its entirety, while ensuring people stay glued to your site? The Spotify Play Button does all of this for free, while making sure artists get paid for every play”.

One partner at launch for the new widget is Tumblr, which will be including a playlist embed button in its user dashboard. Says Tumblr founder David Karp: “We deeply value music as a form of creative expression. That Spotify now lets our users share from millions of their favourite songs is revolutionary, and as huge fans of the product we are absolutely overjoyed about this partnership”.

We haven’t bothered embedding any Spotify playlists on, though, of course, we do have a plethora of great playlists to choose from, each accessible in Spotify by a good old fashioned link.