Friday 10 May 2013, 11:40 | By

Shazam and Rdio expand partnership



A partnership between “I wonder what that is” app maker Shazam and streaming music service Rdio has been expanded into the UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil and Mexico, meaning that users of the Shazam smartphone app who identify a track via the tool can immediately play it in full via the Rdio platform. Should they have an Rdio subscription and that be something they wish to do. Presumably on most occasions they’ll already be listening to the track in full.

Says Shazam CTO Jason Titus: “Working together in six major countries across the globe, we are now providing more than 120 million users of the free version of Shazam the ability to instantly listen to an entire song they just identified exclusively on Rdio. The combination of Rdio and Shazam gives music lovers the fastest tagging service and a groundbreaking digital music service so they can identify, save, and organise their music discoveries”.

Meanwhile Rdio boss man Drew Larner told CMU: “Rdio’s partnership with Shazam closes the loop between discovering a song and being able to hear it again and again. In one click, you can go from tagging a song on Shazam to playing it on Rdio, sharing it with friends, or discovering more music by that artist. Together, we’ve built a seamless experience to capture music in the moment and incorporate it into your life”.


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