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More industry leaders and tech innovators added to Great Escape line-up

By | Published on Friday 9 March 2018

The Great Escape 2018

A bunch more speakers have been confirmed today for the three CMU Insights conferences taking place as part of The Great Escape in May. Ticketmaster, The Orchard, Coda, 7digital, Believe, Live Nation and the Musicians’ Union are among those companies and organisations now confirmed to be taking part, alongside a plethora of exciting music tech start-ups.

CMU Insights will present three full-day conferences during The Great Escape this year: The Education Conference on Wednesday 16 May, The AI Conference on Thursday 17 May and The China Conference on Friday 18 May.

The Education Conference will feature the initial results of the major new research project CMU Insights launched earlier this week, ‘Redefining Music Education’. That will look at how business and entrepreneurial skills could and should be integrated into the music and wider arts curriculum. Phase one of the research will inform the conversation at The Education Conference, while debate during the day will instigate phase two.

FAC’s Lucie Caswell, Urban Development’s Pamela McCormick and BIMM’s Phil Nelson were already confirmed for The Education Conference. Nelson’s BIMM colleagues Mark Irwin and Mel Thornton are now also on board, while Diane Widdison from the Musicians’ Union, Paul Latham from Live Nation and Mark Davyd from the Music Venue Trust and music education charity Rhythmix are all also set to join the conversation on the day.

The AI Conference will put the spotlight on the companies utilising big data and artificial intelligence to change the way music is monitored, marketed and made. Among the companies showcasing their technology will be WARM, POP, Jukedeck, Rotor and Ents24.

Debates during the day will also look at the role of audio-recognition technology, with Rebecca Lammers of Laika Network and Gideon Mountford from Believe discussing the automated rights management systems offered by YouTube and Facebook. Plus we’ll review AI technologies that actually compose music, before asking the all-important question: will machines be the pop makers of the future? Leading that particular debate will be songwriter Helienne Lindvall and The Orchard founder Scott Cohen.

We will also be discussing what hyped technologies of now will really impact on the music business of the future. Imogen Heap and Deviate Digital’s Sammy Andrews were already on board for that conversation, and they will now be joined by Andrew Parsons, MD of Ticketmaster UK, and Dan Fowler from data and blockchain start-up JAAK.

So, lots of exciting speakers and companies coming on board for this year’s big three CMU Insights conferences. So much so, you probably think that we’re “THRILLED” about it all. But, in fact, we’re “elated, excited, gladdened, gratified, jubilant, joyous, frenzied, fervent, euphoric and overjoyed”. And it’s with our trusty thesaurus in hand that we’ll take to the TGE stage in May to fully dissect, assess and debate future technologies, future markets and the future of music education. See you there!

To access all this – and all the other TGE:CONVENTION conversations, sessions and parties – you need a TGE delegate or convention-only pass. Standalone tickets are also available for The Education Conference.