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Justin Bieber confirms Journals LP, 2014 album plans

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Justin Bieber

Justin ‘case anyone still cares’ Bieber is cobbling all the songs from his Music Mondays programme into a big old LP-lump titled ‘Journals’.

Out on 16 Dec via iTunes (and avaiable for a limited time only, until 2 Jan 2014), it’ll also include – Billboard exclusively confirms – “a couple of videos”, plus the trailer for JB’s new concert film/life doc ‘Believe’ and five new songs, one of which is a collaboration with Diplo. And lots of ‘feats’ verses by the likes of R Kelly, Chance The Rapper, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and Future. In fact, that’s it for the ‘feats’.

Billboard also reveals that Biebs plans to take his first holiday ‘longer-than-a-fortnight’ (though arguably, his life often looks like one big vacation) in years (since he was twelve, apparently), to freshen up before releasing a fresh new LP in the first quarter of 2014.

Before you go, why not flick through Justin’s ‘All That Matters’ video (which is on the incoming album), and a ‘Journals’ tracklisting, with our compliments.


All That Matters
Hold Tight
Bad Day
All Bad
PYD (feat R Kelly)
Roller Coaster
Change Me
Confident (feat Chance The Rapper)
One Life
Backpack (feat Lil Wayne)
What’s Hatnin (feat Future)
Swap It Out
Memphis (feat Big Sean)


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