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Joe & Jake to represent the UK at Eurovision

By | Published on Monday 29 February 2016

Eurovision 2016

So, imaginatively-named duo Joe & Jake are going forward to represent the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest this May. I know, I thought it would be Bianca Claxton too, but apparently she didn’t have enough oh, oh, ohs in her song.

The pair sang their song last on BBC Four’s ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ show on Friday night, where acts performed in the broadcaster’s order of preference, and then we all pretended that there had been a real attempt to provide viewers – brought back into the UK’s Eurovision song selection process again this year – with some sort of choice. The first four acts barely even made it through their songs on the night. And the first one had a banjo, for fuck’s sake.

Joe Woolford and Jake Shakeshaft, who met when they entered ‘The Voice’ as solo artists last year, were performing ‘You’re Not Alone’, written by Schwartz, Justin J Benson and S Kanes.

“I can’t even talk”, lied Joe (or Jake, I’m not sure which it was, to be honest) after the winning song was announced. “It feels amazing. We just want to say this crowd is absolutely incredible. For everyone back home that has voted thank you so much. We are so proud we are going to represent the UK. Thank you. It’s going to be incredible. I hope we make you all proud. We’ve never been to Stockholm but there’s a first time for everything. We’re going to start working on the song so we can win”.

I think he means working on their performance of the song, rather than re-writing it. But maybe they could throw in a few more ohs, as that seems to be what people like.

Anyway, here’s our ‘winning’ song: