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Insights Blog: Five updates from the CMU@TGE Royalties Conference

By | Published on Wednesday 5 April 2017

CMU@TGE 2017

So, it’s probably time for another update on this year’s CMU Insights @ The Great Escape conference programme. CMU@TGE is basically four conferences in one, with four one-day mini-conferences each focused on a different topic.

The Media Conference will look at the future of radio and the music press. The Export Conference will look at how to launch new artists into new markets. The Drugs Conference will look at the impact of drugs at music events and in the artist community. And The Royalties Conference will track where the copyright money goes, from discs, downloads, syncs, streams, gigs and airplay.

It’s the latter conference where we have a bunch of new updates to share with you.

1. How exactly do you license a global streaming service? Digital music expert Becky Brook has navigated the complexities of music licensing across the globe on behalf of large blue chip companies, and will talk us through the different deals a streaming platform must do with the music industry in order to go live. And if you think recording rights are tricky, wait till we get to the publishing rights!

2. What’s going down in Europe? The European Union is busy revising its copyright regime for the digital age via an all-new Copyright Directive. European IP law specialist Sophie Goossens will tell you which elements of that directive will impact on music, and how things are shaping up as of May.

3. Direct licensing in live. We’re pleased to confirm that rights management expert Maria Forte will be joining our conversation on direct licensing in live. CMU’s Chris Cooke will explain why some artists are now leaving the collective licensing system when they go on tour, before discussing the pros and cons of this approach with both Maria and Adam Elfin of PACE Rights Management.

4. The ins and outs of TV sync. We’re also pleased to announce that Stacey Mitsopulos, Director Of Commercial & Business Affairs at The Box Plus Network, will be discussing the ins and outs of music on TV, from a rights and royalties perspective. She’ll be joining CMU’s Chris Cooke and Sentric Music’s Simon Pursehouse as part of the session ‘When Music Gets Synchronised’.

5. Get up to speed before the event. For the first time this year, we will be offering some CMU Insights ahead of the conference so that delegates can learn the basics that will help them get more out of the debates on the day. Attendees will be able to access an exclusive pre-event CMU Insights online seminar via the TGE Industry Extra service. Signed up delegates should look out for more information about all this soon.

CMU Insights @ The Great Escape takes place on 18 and 19 May at the heart of the TGE Convention programme. Get a delegates pass to get access to all of the CMU conferences, other convention sessions and parties, and priority access to the TGE festival.