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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly announces new album

By | Published on Friday 10 November 2017

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Sam Duckworth in his Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly guise has announced a new album, ‘Young Adult’, which will be released in January. This news arrives accompanied by not one but two new singles, ‘Adults’ and ‘Always’.

“‘Adults’ came from a friend of mine who has young children”, he says of the first single. “I think one of the things you discover growing up is that there are far fewer ‘adults’ than you think. As a child asks where are all the adults, us young adults often feel the same but are expected to find stability in a world where the rug is being swept from under our feet. It’s a song about reading analysis of social change but feeling that there is a disconnect between the analysis and the outcome of the analysis. Are we all backseat drivers? Who will take the wheel? Surely that’s a job for the adults”.

The second single is a different affair, seeing Duckworth team up with drum n bass producer Shy FX. He explains: “‘Always’ was written at the start of the year, as part of a series of sessions for Shy FX’s album. It was a magical session, with a revolving door policy. It was very creative and all artists had room to bring their unique styles to a common environment”.

He continues: “The song is about the increasing isolation and anxiety felt when a significant moment in your life changes your whole perspective. Be it in childhood or adulthood, we have all had sea change moments where things don’t look or feel the same. This manifests in all of us differently, but sometimes the spiral of neglect is difficult to break. It’s a song in solidarity with those who have had their world shaken by negative incidents that will forever be used as psychological barometers for instinctual feelings”.

‘Young Adult’s is out on 19 Jan. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly will play a one-off show at London’s Village Underground the night before on 18 Jan.