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Full line-up confirmed for MusicTank digital royalties debate

By | Published on Friday 14 March 2014


The full line-up for the upcoming and previously reported MusicTank think tank event on ‘The Artist Economics Of Streaming’ has been confirmed, with Beggars Group digital chief Simon Wheeler and musician and AllStars Collective manager Paul Pacifico both confirmed to join Billy Bragg, Spotify’s Mark Williamson and The Royalty Consultancy’s Roger La Haye at the debate.

Digital royalties is the topic for discussion, and specifically what cut of streaming income artists receive. The debate is pretty timely, following the recent combined call by the Musicians’ Union, the Music Managers’ Forum and the Featured Artists Coalition for artists to receive 50% of the monies paid into the record companies by Spotify et al. CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke recently reviewed the various digital royalty debates in a CMU trends piece, and he will provide a short summary at the start of the MusicTank event.

Confirming all this, MusicTank Chairman Keith Harris told CMU yesterday: “It’s time to shine a light into the dark corners of the ongoing furore about streaming. While recent events suggest that there are clearly ongoing issues that need to be dealt with, there’s a danger that discussions about streaming will be reduced to polarised shouting matches, unless we as an industry collectively make an effort to clarify what is really going on. As ever, MusicTank aims to do this with honest and open debate and an investigation into the positions of all parties involved”.

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