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China still hasn’t forgiven Justin Bieber’s past “bad behaviour”

By | Published on Monday 24 July 2017

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber created headlines on his UK tour last year by telling audiences off for what he perceived as bad behaviour. Now it’s his own bad behaviour making the news again. Despite all those attempts to turn his life around, it turns out China still doesn’t trust the popstar not to piss in all their buckets.

China’s Bureau Of Culture seemingly quietly adopted a ‘no Bieber’ policy some time ago, but it recently came to light after a fan asked why the singer had not been allowed to perform in the country for several years. He is due to tour in several Asian countries in September, but China is not on the schedule.

In response, the bureau noted in a statement that Bieber is a “talented singer”, but also a “controversial young foreign singer”. It explained that he had exhibited “bad behaviour” in both his private life and during live performances.

“In order to maintain order in the domestic market, and clean up the performance market environment, it is not appropriate to introduce badly behaved [foreign performers]”, the statement went on.

There is still hope for Bieber though. The statement added: “We hope that in the process of growing up Justin Bieber can continue to improve his words and deeds, and truly become a favourite singer of the public”.

Bieber previously offended the Chinese government when he posted a photograph of himself next to a Japanese war memorial on social media back in 2014. He later deleted the post and apologised, saying that he did not realise what the shrine represented.

The latest news from Planet Bieber is that he bought a drink while topless. No word on how this is viewed by the Chinese government.