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Cardi B reportedly negotiating solo Super Bowl set, Foo Fighters discuss being passed over for halftime show
Gary Barlow insists he's
Beef Of The Week #422: Heaven's Gate v Lil Uzi Vert
Oh no, Maroon 5 are rumoured to be playing the Super Bowl half time show
Happy Mondays force Bargain Hunt reshoot
Beastie Boys had no advanced warning of Eminem artwork homage
Mel B would like Katy Perry to stand in for Victoria Beckham on Spice Girls tour
Beef Of The Week #421: Aging artists v the 74 million dollar man
Taylor Swift wishes Ed Sheeran could walk faster
Paul McCartney recalls masturbating with John Lennon
Nicki Minaj addresses Cardi B altercation on Beats 1
Elton John to star in John Lewis Christmas ad
Beef Of The Week #420: Krist Novoselic v Angry Nirvana Fans
Vanilla Ice reports from quarantined plane in New York
Nicki Minaj wanted to punch Travis Scott
Abba's immersive theatre and dining sensory overload experience coming to London
U2 halt Berlin show after Bono suffers
Beef Of The Week #419: Tents v Sense
DJ Khaled wants to sell you a throne, and a load of other gold furniture he's designed
Trump's photo request gave Sia
Robbie Williams says Take That would totally have entered X Factor
Beef Of The Week #418: Nicki Minaj v Travis Scott (and his baby)
Madonna defends VMAs Aretha Franklin tribute:
Pete Doherty sings (eats really fast) for his supper (breakfast)
Madonna accused of leaving Aretha out of VMA Franklin tribute
Nicki Minaj tweets conspiracy theory after being denied US number one
Beef Of The Week #417: Sam Smith v Michael Jackson
The best Madonna birthday lists - RANKED!
Aled Jones to walk in the air for Global's charity 
Snoop Dogg stars in his own jukebox musical