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Christina Aguilera denied stage time in New Orleans bar
Trent Reznor says Oscar win boosted his ego for
Pusha T denies big screen Drake diss
Beef Of The Week #429: Musicians v Donald Trump (Mid-term special)
Bobby Gillespie's This Week dance hate captured in new painting
Riz Ahmed wants an Eminem diss track
Cliff Richard has a special anti-burp diet
Guns N Roses become latest act to ask Trump to stop using their music at rallies
Beef Of The Week #428: 'Avril Lavigne' v Avril Lavigne
Ozzy Osbourne says fun was banned at Black Sabbath farewell shows
Little Mix dragged into feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B
Beyonce reaches settlement with Feyonce
50 Cent claims he's bought 200 front row Ja Rule seats to leave them empty
Beef Of The Week #427: Richard Ashcroft v Breakfast TV etiquette
Wireless allowed to go ahead, just don't fucking swear
Cardi B records an ASMR video, because that's a thing in music now
Charlie Sloth says ARIAs Edith Bowman rant was
Beef Of The Week #426: Michael Buble v Retirement
Pharrell, Bono and more contribute to compilation in memory of dead cat
Wilco selling axe (an actual axe, not slang for guitar)
Tom Delonge hits back at article on UFO research agency's finances
Michael Buble not quitting music, reps insist
Beef Of The Week #425: Taylor Swift v Politics
Madonna releases thing that is clearly a face massager and not a sex toy
Ariana Grande bored of the traditional album cycle
Donald Trump reports 25% drop in his Taylor Swift fandom
Quincy Jones backtracks further on Beatles
Beef Of The Week #424: John Lydon v Green Day
Thom Yorke slapped away chance to write Fight Club soundtrack
Kanye West held SNL cast