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Calls for Madonna to be arrested for her views on yellow purple bananas
Jarvis Cocker and Richard Hawley to judge Sheffield tree competition
CMU Beef Of The Week #339: Donald Trump v Ticket Touts
Donald Trump definitely rejected
We'd have the new Ed Sheeran album already, if it weren't for Donald Trump
Bruce Springsteen tribute act pulls out of Trump inauguration event
Donald Trump's inauguration has performers booked (so far only one has pulled out)
CMU Beef Of The Week #338: Songwriters v Bulgarian National Radio
Charlotte Church won't play for
Moby offers to DJ and U2 cancel album for Trump, Spotify attempts to hire Obama
Drop it, Mariah!
Drop it, Mariah!9 January 2017

CMU Beef Of The Week #337: Mariah Carey v Dick Clark Productions
Actual facts refute Trump's claims of inauguration singer sales boost
David Bowie almost played Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings
Liam Payne is
CMU Beef Of The Week #336: The Year In Beefs
Listening to AC/DC makes you bad at board games (and surgery)
West meets Trump
West meets Trump14 December 2016

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith opens new music department in Bedfordshire school
Garth Brooks tops dwindling wishlist of artists to play Donald Trump's inauguration
CMU Beef Of The Week #335: Vinyl v Downloads
No Grammy feud between Rihanna and Beyonce, move along
Kylie Minogue to open pop-up Christmas shop in London
Bob Dylan sends speech and Patti Smith to cover Nobel Prize duties
Story of Lemmy statue captured in new documentary
CMU Beef Of The Week #334: Bob Dylan v Barack Obama
It's official, Bieber has spoken and
Theresa May is
X-Factor winner's winning single will be digital-only for first time