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Beef Of The Week #360: Nickelback v Slipknot
Napalm Death interviewed by Ed Miliband on Radio 2
Turns out HMV actually DID want to sell those Smiths records
Jay-Z finds misplaced hyphen
Morrissey accuses HMV of attempting to suppress sales of Smiths reissues
Beef Of The Week #359: Bob Dylan v Literature
Gene Simmons attempts to trademark 'devil horns' hand gesture
Lars Ulrich is a knight now
Katy Perry still wants to make friends with Taylor Swift
Damon Albarn encourages young people to stay engaged with politics following election result
Beef Of The Week #358: Haim v Dinosaurs
St Vincent turns agony aunt on Rookie podcast
Theresa May
Bob Dylan finally delivers Nobel Prize lecture
Anti-Theresa May song reaches top five in the UK singles chart
Beef Of The Week #357: A Gallagher v Harry Styles
Chart shows won't play Liar Liar when it charts
Theresa May the 'Liar Liar' set to chart
Glastonbury social sharing will use 40 terabytes of EE data
Beef Of The Week #356: Katy Perry v Taylor Swift
Sampling is becoming harder to do, says DJ Shadow
Travis Scott breaks personal best for Goosebumps performances
If you like being punched in the mouth, just start saying that Linkin Park have sold out
Danny DeVito comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn. And grime
Beef Of The Week #355: 2017 Miley Cyrus v 2013 Miley Cyrus
JME responds to Daily Mail attack
Travis Scott performs Goosebumps fourteen times at US show
Musicians create new music out of Fyre Festival marketing notes
Portugal wins Eurovision for the first time, as the UK comes in fifteenth
Beef Of The Week #354: Deadmau5 v Calvin Harris